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Storage Overview

Self-storage works best when you’re looking for short-term storage – but it’s also useful if you want to store bits and pieces for the long-term that you may need to access more frequently. However, if you’re moving to a smaller home then it's a good idea to check out the options for both short and long-term storage – it may be cheaper to look at long-term storage.

Don’t forget, you’ll be responsible for your goods and any damage to them while they’re in storage is unlikely to be covered. The storage firm may offer you an insurance policy but talk to your own home insurers too.

Storage is usually charged on a monthly basis and the storage spaces range in size. You’ll be asked to bring your own padlock, and access to storage units is usually granted at very specific times, so ask the company first if you want to get to your things in unsociable hours.

In most cases, you’ll pack your own things and deliver them to the storage unit yourself. Do ask about what’s included in the rent – electricity and heat, security, etc. – before you sign an agreement.

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